Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance programs are designed to offer year round total care for your property. Please follow the links below for further details about each service.

Turf Maintenance

Our Turf Maintenance program offers year-round weed, insect, and fungus control. It also includes one fertilizer application per year.

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Flowerbed Maintenance

Flowerbeds can be a dream to have but a nightmare to maintain. We offer a total maintenance package that includes weeding, mulching, fertilizing, and spraying.

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Fruit/Ornamental Tree Maintenance

We offer a great spray program for all of your citrus and ornamental tree needs.

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Irrigation Maintenance

When was the last time you had your irrigation system checked? Let us check it for you.

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Single application services

Advanced Outdoor Solutions offers a wide variety of one time, single applications designed to suit your individual needs. Please follow the link in the description of each service for further information.

Broadleaf Weed Application

Tired of all the clovers and dollar weeds in your lawn? A broadleaf weed application is perfect for you!

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Grassy Weed Application

This application is designed to target those tough grassy weeds such as johnsongrass, ragweed, and thistle.

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Crabgrass/Nutsedge Application

Our crabgrass/nutsedge application is the 1-2 knockout punch your weeds have been fearing!

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Weed and Feed Application

Our weed and feed application is designed to target your broadleaf weeds while simultaneously feeding your lawn. This application is for turf grass only.

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Fire Ant Application

Our Fire Ant application has the longest guarantee in the industry. One application will control Imported Fire Ants(Solenopsis spp.) in your turf grass for an entire year.

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Fungicide Application

Warm wet climates are perfect weather conditions for fungus spores to thrive. Lets make sure there not thriving in your yard!

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Insecticide Application

We offer a wide variety of insecticide applications that cover both turf grass and flower beds.

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Fertilizer Application

Fertilizers can turn an ordinary landscape into an extraordinary one. Let us craft a fertilizer program for your property.

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Tree Applications

We offer a wide variety of applications for both ornamental and edible trees.

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Hardscape/Parking Lot App.

Tired of weeds growing in your parking area? What about all the weeds cropping up in your paver stones? We offer total weed eradication for your hardscape areas.

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Irrigation Repair

Does your irrigation system have any broken heads? Any major leaks? We do small irrigation repair work.

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